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The agency

First created in Hong Kong in 2009, and then in Paris,

Refeel events is a French boutique event agency that organizes custom made events for individuals, administrations, associations and companies, in France, Hong Kong and anywhere its clients dream to go.

The founder

Orianne Pag├Ęs,
founder of Refeel Events

Orianne has a strong track record of successful events:

  • has been working in the event and tourism industry since 2004, including 7 years in Asia.
  • Organized over 100 events for multinational and small companies, administrations, associations and individuals
  • in 20 different destinations including China, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Maldives, Vietnam, Bali, Singapore, Dubai, Mauritius, France, Hawaii, Korea
  • from 8 to 250 participants

She is familiar with multicultural environments and extremely adaptable

  • has lived and worked in Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris
  • speaks 3 languages (French, English and Mandarin Chinese)
  • has worked for clients from various cultures and origins, coming from Europe, America and Asia
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